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Smart Way Solutions provides a variety of services for parents and providers of young children. Studies show Early Educators who receive professional development trainings related to developmentally appropriate practices provides better environments for early learning. That is why Smart Way Solutions goals are to increase knowledge for all providers so that parents may find quality care for their family. Our mission is to help parents find verified providers when they need it most. Every  provider listed with us meets verification standards.


What does verified provider mean?

This means all providers listed with us has sufficient evidence that they are either licensed, registered, and or approved to care for young children. All verified providers have required annual trainings and certification, references checks and a notarized affidavit of Good Moral Character on file either with us or through an approved licensing agency.



Are you a provider, nanny or babysitter? Get Verified Now!

We are not a state licensing agency any additional requirements needed from your county or city must also be obtained by law.